What is Biodanza ?

Biodanza has evolved over the last forty years in Latin America and Europe under the vision of founder Rolando Toro Araneda - formerly lecturer in Psychology & Medical Anthropology at the University of Santiago, Chile. "Bio" is from the Greek "Bios" = "life". "Danza" signifies "movement full of meaning". It is a system of human integration stimulated by music, movement, emotion and expression.

At the heart of Biodanza is the dance process of 'Vivencia'. As described by Rolando, Vivencia refers to the 'intense perception of being alive, here and now. It is the intuition of the living moment'. Vivencias (normally lasting up to two hours) become doors to access primal emotions that enable movements to emerge that are the most natural expression of your true self. Inhibition and rigidity brought about by our social conditioning is challenged and released slowly, as you progress entirely at your own speed. Vivencias follow the organic movements of life—its biological rhythms, the pulse of the heart and the impulse to connect with others. The experience is mostly non-verbal, which opens participants' communication and connection through the “language of dance”, regardless of their socio-cultural background. Communication through the eyes is important. Continuous exposure to Biodanza strengthens your identity and relationship with life. The practice of Biodanza happens through classes given by fully qualified Biodanza Teachers, of which Elizabeth Barnett is an excellent example. She follows on from the deeply valued work of our late and dearly missed, beautifully exuberant Biodanza Teacher Tess Brooks .

No dance experience is necessary to join in – you start immediately.